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Unique game of nature: heavy snowfall in the desert of Saudi Arabia, white sheets of snow lying on camels

As soon as the name of Saudi Arabia comes, a glimpse of desert and a hot state often emerges in our mind. Recently something has happened that is difficult to believe. Many photos and videos are being shared on social media. In which it is being told that there is snowfall in Saudi.

Everyone surprised by snowfall in saudi arabia

In fact, everyone is surprised to see snowfall in Saudi Arabia from the pictures surfaced on social media. The snowfall here has been such that the white sheet of snow can be seen clearly on the back of the camel along with the sand of the desert.

However, this is not the first time that there is snowfall in Saudi Arabia. Even before this, snowfall has been seen in Saudi Arabia many times. At the same time, some people claim that in the last 50 years, Saudi Arabia has seen such massive snowfall.

Weather department gave warning

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has also issued a warning regarding snowfall. The Meteorological Department says that the cold can increase manifold in the coming days. Due to which the temperature can be reduced several times in most nights. In this, the Meteorological Department has appealed to people to stay in the houses at night, and also to avoid the cold.

Snowfall in algeria too

At the same time, along with Saudi Arabia, snowfall in Algeria of the Sahara Desert of North Africa has surprised everyone. Here in many parts the temperature has reached minus 3 degrees at night. Currently people in Saudi Arabia are seen enjoying snowfall and cold. Many videos of which are surprising people on social media.

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