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Unique case of relationship, this woman will marry friend and boyfriend

America: You must have heard strange stories about relationships from all over the world, but today a different story is being heard from America. Here a woman is going to marry her Sehli and her boyfriend together. According to the information, these three are currently in a relationship and are going to get married soon.

According to a report, the name of the woman is Angel Bailey, who lives in Tennessee, USA. Angel’s boyfriend’s name is Tyler Hedges and both of them met in the year 2018 on the dating app Tinder. It is being told that soon after the meeting, both of them started dating each other and last year they also added a college friend of Angel to their relationship. This friend’s name is Sam Vick.

Have the same feelings about both – Angel

According to the report, Angel used to live with her friend Sam before her boyfriend. The age of these three is being told around 25. Angel said in a statement that she has similar feelings for Sam and Tyrell and wants to maintain her relationship with both of them. Angel told that she is going to marry both her friend Sam and boyfriend Tyler. He told that all three are very happy with this relationship and this decision.

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