Unforeseen events when drinking alcohol, heating coals on cold days

It’s cold, heating with a brazier, drinking alcohol, taking a long hot bath, wearing too thick or arbitrarily taking fever-reducing drugs… can lead to dangerous events.

In the past few days, the temperature in the North has dropped deeply, the coldest since the beginning of winter, creating conditions for bacteria and viruses to develop, increasing respiratory diseases, strokes… The unscientific way of keeping warm is also a risk factor. aggravate the disease when the weather turns cold suddenly. Doctors pointed out common mistakes to help prevent diseases effectively, especially the elderly, young children, people with underlying diseases or immunocompromised…

Drink wine to warm your stomach

Dr. Le Hoan (Deputy Department of Endocrinology – Respiratory, Hanoi Medical University Hospital) said that many people believe that the yeast and alcohol in wine will warm up the body, helping to cope with the cold. However, when drinking alcohol, the ethanol (or ethyl alcohol) in alcohol has the effect of dilating peripheral vessels, increasing blood perfusion to the skin and muscles, making us feel hotter but not raising our body temperature. This feeling is even more pronounced in cold weather. Besides, when drinking alcohol, the nervous system is stimulated, causing a feeling of euphoria, but “that feeling of warmth and heat is only temporary, not long-lasting, does not increase body temperature”.

When drinking alcohol, the peripheral blood vessels in the body dilate, the body loses heat. Sudden exposure to cold weather can cause them to rapidly shrink, leading to an increase in blood pressure and the onset of strokes, especially in people with a history of hypertension or cerebrovascular malformations. Sudden cold after drinking alcohol can lead to colds or respiratory infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis.

In case of drinking alcohol in cold weather, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the body warm, to avoid sudden cold. When drinking, it is necessary to compensate for the body’s energy by eating more starch or drinking fruit juice, broth, diluted porridge …

People with cardiovascular disease or chronic respiratory disease should not drink alcohol in the cold season, which can lead to dangerous complications from cold.

Heating with a brazier in a closed room

The doctor said that burning honeycomb charcoal and charcoal for heating in anoxic conditions will produce extremely toxic, colorless and odorless CO gas, so many people do not know it, gradually feel short of breath, then faint or pass out as soon as they are in the hospital. sleep. Victims of CO inhalation often have brain and heart damage, mild respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, more severe can die.

Heating with coal is even more dangerous in the elderly and young children, those with weak respiratory systems and poor resistance. Placing coal in a house or room for heating can also cause a fire or severe burns. Therefore, people should limit burning coal for heating, especially families with newborn women and young children.

In case you often have to use a charcoal stove for cooking, you should place the stove in a well-ventilated place. Do not place the brazier in the bedroom, where it is airtight. Do not burn coal overnight. Equipped with heating lamps, two-way air conditioners to increase the temperature in the room.

Should maintain room temperature 25-28 degrees Celsius, airy but avoid drafts. Do not let the room temperature be too warm, which can cause burns to the newborn or heat shock when going out in the cold, increasing the risk of numbness, difficulty in blood circulation, even hypothermia and stroke.

On the night of December 27, 2021, Hanoi dropped to 11 degrees Celsius, many people worked outdoors to warm up. Photo:Giang Huy

Wearing too many thick clothes

Doctor Cao Minh Thanh (Head of Department of Otolaryngology, Hanoi Medical University Hospital) advises that when it is cold, everyone should pay attention to keep warm, dress warmly, wear towels, gloves, socks, hats… but avoid Wearing clothes that are too thick and layered, especially for young children, make it difficult for them to breathe. Sweat can seep back into the body, causing cold, lowering body temperature, easily leading to pneumonia. Usually, the innermost layer is the most important layer, creating the first layer of heat preservation for the body. You should choose clothing sizes that fit the child’s body, soft like wool, avoid cotton or cotton.

In addition, the season is cold, so Shower properly, do not bathe or soak in hot water for too long. Not bathing late or early in the morning can easily lead to stroke. It is recommended to shower from bottom to top and wash your hair quickly after bathing.

Children over 10 days old, it is not necessary to bathe every day, can be bathed once every two to three days. Bath time should not exceed 10 minutes. Refrain from closing doors indoors. According to Dr. Thanh, Children get sick not only because of the cold weather, but also because staying indoors a lot is also easy to infect bacteria and viruses. Children need to be active outdoors to increase their ability to adapt to weather factors, increase resistance, and prevent many infectious diseases.

Doctor recommended no buy your own medicine When the child has a fever, cough, and flu leading to late hospitalization, skipping the golden period of treatment. The elderly, immunocompromised people, and people with underlying medical conditions need to pay attention to their health when changing seasons. Taking medication on a regular basis to treat chronic diseases Do not delay taking your medicine or skip your regular checkupsWaiting for warmer weather can lead to flare-ups of underlying medical conditions and increased risk of stroke.

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