Unexpectedly dangerous tumor bloating

A 22-year-old man in Hai Duong had bloated his stomach, thought he was drinking soft drinks, and found a big tumor at the time of his general health examination three weeks ago.

On another examination at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, Hanoi, the doctor discovered a left adrenal tumor with the size of 20-30 mm, indicated for tumor surgery.

The patient recovered well after tumor resection. Image: Hospital provided.

Dr. Bui Thanh Phuc, Department of Gastrointestinal Emergency Surgery, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that the large tumor compresses the kidneys downwards and invades neighboring organs such as the abdominal aorta, pancreas, and spleen. …, increased blood vessel proliferation, patients cannot have laparoscopic surgery.

Last week, doctors performed surgery for the tumor, partially removed aorta, preserved the surrounding organs, preserved pancreatic function and kidney function.

“Tumors have the ability to progress to cancer, if not promptly intervened, they will invade the surrounding internal organs, leading to a bad prognosis, no longer indications for intervention,” said Dr. Phuc.

Currently, the 6th day after surgery, the patient recovers health.

Adrenal adenoma is a rare tumor that develops inside the adrenal gland. Tumors alter hormones, damage internal organs.

Le Nga