Uncharted: treasure hunters sink their ship

NEWSPAPER – Uninspired, the film adaptation of the video game does not leave an unforgettable impression on the French and international press.

The consensus is rare enough to be underlined from the outset: Uncharted is the most all-purpose of medium films. Neither good nor bad, the adventure feature film by Ruben Fleischer (zombieland , Venom ) leads Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in pursuit of explorer Fernand de Magellan’s lost galleon and its – supposedly – incredible treasure. Despite a catchy hook, the journey was coolly received by French critics as Anglo-Saxon, who received it without boos but without enthusiasm, either. With indifference, then. A reception common to many films adapted from video games.

However, this is not where the shoe pinches. Big show action movie, propelled by some 120 million dollars, the entertainment is satisfied with a flat academicism and obviously without great bio. A “very conventional treasure hunt” for The world , Uncharted represents according to the daily newspaper neither more nor less the quintessence “of the badly digested globalized blockbuster”, Who “condenses in a crazy and sloppy way a whole memory of the American action film”.

Classicism is not enough to doom anyone to loathing, however. The video game press, more lenient as a whole, thus salutes a film “well done” – for IGN France – or even “a close copy of the jewel”made of “millimetric choreographies with effective cutting” and beautiful staging ideas, in the eyes of the Journal du Geek. As Large Screen readily admits, in short, “all the grammar of the games is present”with scrupulous homage, and a sense of action that “allows a sincere pleasure, too timorous no doubt, but very present”. If a certain sense of showmanship indeed answers the call, what is wrong, then, in this umpteenth blockbuster? Well everything else, we must believe.

An adaptation at a discount

Perhaps because it is so prominently featured on the poster, the film’s most visible and commented on fault is its distribution. Tom Holland, in particular. The teenager propelled to the forefront of Hollywood thanks to the last parts of Spiderman would definitely not measure up to the seasoned adventurer whose costume he is supposed to have worn. As for Mark Wahlberg, the young fifty-something “rolls mechanics without really believing in it”according to Benjamin Puech, who inflicted the feature film on himself for Le Figaro . The actor ofInvincible and movies Ted was originally supposed to play the main role ofUncharted. A choice that should have been kept rather than pouring into youthism at all costs, believes The Hollywood Reporter . “If you think Wahlberg would have been a great choice to play Nathan (Drake, the character played by Tom Holland, Ed.)you are not alone”grumbles the American magazine.

A festival of punchlines interspersed with tirades penetrated as to the meaning of life to pretend to believe that this little world has more thickness than the nasal cavities of a cocaine addict.

Simon Riaux, for Large Screen

For variety , the problem turns out to be even more general. Of course, the movie is “lively”but to what, since it is above all “too long” and “propelled by actors who we wish, after a while, had more interesting things to say and do”, despairs the American magazine. The scenario ? It would be summed up in a few poor lines. “A festival of punchlines interspersed with tirades about the meaning of life to pretend to believe that this little world has more thickness than the nasal cavities of a cocaine addict”tackles with verve the criticism ofwide screen. No matter, warns the washington post follower of Ockham’s razor: “Is it far-fetched? Yes. It is also very improbable, laughable and absurd. (…) It would be unreasonable to expect something more – or less – ofUncharted“.

Evil incarnate, long, flat, silly, Uncharted would be, well, devilishly uncreative. Almost inevitable pitfall of a project, which consisted in making a film on a game already paying homage to the great Hollywood productions. Be one “aberrant ambition”for The worldwhich regrets a final product in “pale photocopy photocopy”. The result is a fatal feeling of deja vu which has not gone unnoticed by our British comrades in The Guardian . When you know by heart IndianaJonesthe Benjamin Gates even the Goonies, can we be satisfied with a less inspired medley? Waiting for their true spiritual successor is the treasure hunt of the most patient moviegoers.


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