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UN Security Council calls emergency meeting to discuss Ukraine crisis

Russia Ukraine Conflict: The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is not stopping even after all the sanctions and talks. Meanwhile, an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called on Thursday to discuss the issue of Ukraine. This meeting has been called by America, Britain, France, Albania, Ireland and Norway. The meeting will start at 3 pm.

That’s why this meeting has been called

According to the report, the war has now arrived in the 22nd day. Thousands of people have died in this war, while millions are forced to live the life of refugees, becoming homeless. This meeting has been called only regarding the current humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

The international court has also ordered to stop the war

Let us tell you that earlier on Wednesday, the International Court of Justice ordered Russia to immediately stop military action in Ukraine. This petition was filed on behalf of Ukraine. While hearing the case, 13 judges had ruled in favor of Ukraine as against 2. However, let us tell you here that the decision of the International Court of Justice is not binding, because this court has no such system by which it can get its orders executed. To believe it or not depends on the countries.

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