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UN claims, Taliban has killed more than 100 ex-soldiers since coming to power

Afghanistan Crisis: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the former Afghan government has worked with its security forces and international troops to over 100 people since the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15 last year. More than the ex-servicemen have been killed. He said that the United Nations has got information about this through reliable channels.

‘The Associated Press’ In a report received on Sunday, Guterres said the Taliban would extend a “general apology” to those affiliated with the former government and the US-led coalition forces. Despite the announcement of the Taliban and its allies, ‘more than two-thirds’ There is an allegation of extrajudicial killing of people.

extrajudicial killing of more than 50 people

42 against Taliban in 44 cases registered in UN mission

Antonio Guterres said eight civil society activists, including three by the Taliban and three by Islamic State extremists, were killed and 10 faced temporary arrests, beatings and threats by the Taliban. At the same time, two journalists were killed by IS and two unidentified assailants injured two people.

North Korea: North Korea conducted the biggest ballistic missile test in four years, threatening many countries other than America, Japan

Huthi Rebels Attack: UAE again attacked by Houthi rebels, fired missiles were intercepted.


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