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UN calls for immediate action on Myanmar military coup, India also keeps a close watch on the developments

United Nations: Myanmar’s army has killed nearly 50 innocent and peaceful protesters since the coup on February 1. Many protesters have also been injured. This information on Myanmar has been given by the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council. He also called for immediate joint action through an ‘international mechanism’ to hold those responsible for violating human rights.

Christine Schreiner Bergner, the UN special envoy for Myanmar, told the Security Council on Friday, ‘urgent collective action needs to be taken. How much further can we allow the Myanmar army to go? ‘

Speaking on the council meeting regarding Myanmar, Bergner said that in the last one week, Myanmar’s army has taken tremendous violent action. 50 protesters protesting the coup on February 1 have been killed while a large number of people have been injured.

India’s close watch on the developments
In the backdrop of the military coup and unrest in Myanmar, India said on Friday that it is closely monitoring the situation. It is also negotiating with partner countries in this regard. At the same time, he insisted on resolving all issues peacefully through dialogue. Amid reports of some people, including policemen from Myanmar, entering the Indian border and seeking refuge in Mizoram, the Foreign Ministry said it was ‘verifying the facts’.

A senior official said that since the military coup in Myanmar, 16 citizens have come to India and taken refuge in Mizoram. It is claimed that 11 of them are policemen. When asked about this in the press conference, Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said, “We are currently verifying the facts, we will reply to you with more information in this regard.”

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