Umbilical cord prolapse – a dangerous complication in late pregnancy

Mr. Pham Van Hoc, leader of Hung Vuong General Hospital, evaluated this case, which happened on December 3, is a particularly dangerous event, often called umbilical cord prolapse. The umbilical cord blood supply to the fetus is abruptly delayed due to the constriction of the umbilical cord blood vessels. The fetus is dangerous.

Determining this is a very urgent emergency, the doctors activated an alarm, bringing the pregnant woman to the operating room before she could fully exploit the information and do the necessary tests. The team of doctors anesthesia resuscitated, neonatal combined surgery, less than 5 minutes after the baby girl was taken out of the womb in a state of cyanosis, respiratory failure. Luckily, because the time of stopping oxygen supply is not long, after a few minutes of emergency, the baby regained consciousness, cried, and the survival indicators were stable.

Maternity emergency doctor. Image: Hospital provided

Umbilical cord prolapse is a rupture of the umbilical cord in front of the fetus, which can occur while the amniotic fluid (the umbilical cord falls in the amniotic sac) or more dangerously than the prolapse of the umbilical cord after the rupture of the amniotic fluid. This is a leading emergency because it causes acute pregnancy failure. When the umbilical cord is pinched between the throne and the hip wall, or falls out of the vagina, the umbilical cord blood supply to the fetus is delayed. If the pregnancy is not removed immediately, there is a chance that the baby will die within 30 minutes. Usually one in 300 babies is born with a prolapse of the umbilical cord.

The cause of the umbilical cord prolapse can be caused by the mother giving birth many times, so the fetus is not good, abnormal, narrow, distorted … Abnormal fetus, for example, inversely and horizontally because the throne does not rest against the cervix. The navel may fall …

According to a doctor, it is often easy to diagnose umbilical cord prolapse. During the process of laboring, midwives can see the placenta coming out of the vulva, visiting the vagina, the umbilical cord is curled in the vagina or in the cervix.

Umbilical cord prolapse is a complication that usually occurs late in pregnancy (more than 38 weeks gestation). When it is discovered that a woman has had an umbilical cord fall, it is necessary to get emergency timely within 30 minutes to save the baby.

Image simulating umbilical cord prolapse.

Image simulating umbilical cord prolapse.

There is no specific way to prevent prolapse of the umbilical cord. Doctors recommend that when the umbilical cord has fallen, the woman can feel the umbilical cord in the genital area. When you feel an abnormality, go to the emergency room immediately, do not try to push the umbilical cord back.

While waiting for emergency care, to reduce the risk of the umbilical cord being pinched too much, the doctor advises pregnant women to maintain a position of face down on the floor with knees bent, elbows and hands facing the floor.


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