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Ukraine’s President’s allegation – next week a coup plot with the support of Russia

Ukraine On Russia: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that his country’s intelligence service uncovered a Russian-backed coup plot in the country next week. In which allegedly one of the influential businessmen of Ukraine is involved. Both the alleged businessman and the Russian government have denied the allegations. US President Joe Biden, who is holidaying in Nantucket in the US state of Massachusetts, expressed concern over the coup and reiterated US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and self-government.

Accused of plotting a coup in Ukraine

Zelensky told a news conference Friday in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev that he had received information that a coup was being planned next Wednesday or Thursday. Although he did not provide any details to support his allegation, he pointed to the dubious role of Ukraine’s richest businessman Rinat Akhmetov. The president said Ukraine’s intelligence service has audio recordings of an alleged meeting between Russian and Ukrainian officials to discuss plans for an Akhmetov-funded coup that would cost US$7.5 billion.

Russia denies the allegations

Ukraine’s President Zelensky declined to reveal further details about the alleged coup, saying he did not plan to flee the country. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russia’s presidential office, Kremlin, dismissed the allegations in a conversation with reporters in Moscow on Friday. Peskov said, “Russia has no plans to get involved. Russia never does such things.” Akhmetov called Zelensky’s allegations an “outright lie.” Akhmetov’s spokeswoman Anna Terekhova said in a statement: “Akhmetov is outraged by the spread of this lie, whatever the president’s intentions.”

When asked about the alleged coup plans, the US State Department’s top official for European and Eurasian Affairs, Karen Donfried, said she is in contact with the Ukrainian government to discuss this further and we are trying to get additional information. Huh. Biden told US reporters he was likely to speak to Putin and Zelensky.

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