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Ukraine’s elderly couple clashed unarmed with 4-4 armed soldiers, driven out of the house

Russia Ukraine Conflict: It’s been 19 days since the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian army is constantly wreaking havoc in different cities of Ukraine. Millions of people have left their homes and gone to other countries. Those who are children are also being attacked and thousands of people have been killed, but in the midst of all this, the soldiers and common people of Ukraine are also facing the enemies firmly. One such video is going viral on social media these days. In this, an elderly couple opposes the soldiers of Russia and throws them out of the house. In this you will see that some Russian soldiers armed with weapons enter a house.

Video posted by US Embassy

This viral video has been tweeted from the Twitter handle of the US Embassy in Kyiv. This video has been extracted from CCTV footage. In this you will see that some Russian soldiers armed with weapons enter a house. Hearing his voice, an elderly couple comes out from inside. He says something to the soldiers. After this a soldier tries to scare them by saying something. He also fires in the air to scare, but it has no effect on the elderly.

Over 2 Million Views

Even after the firing, the elders continue to argue with the Russian soldiers without fear. Arguments go on between the two sides for some time, but in the end the Russian soldiers have to leave the house and get out. People are very fond of this video of elderly couple. Their bravery is winning the hearts of people on social media. The video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far.

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