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‘Ukraine will neither surrender nor leave an inch of land’, Foreign Minister’s statement after talks started

Ukraine has made it clear that even though talks with Russia have started, Ukraine will neither surrender nor give up an inch of its land. At the same time, Ukraine has also warned that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, then there will be destruction in the world. On Sunday, Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dymetro Kuleba, addressed an international press conference online. During this, he clearly said that even though Russia has attacked Ukraine with full force, Russia has not been able to achieve any strategic goal. He said that this is the reason why Russia has agreed to talks with Ukraine today. ABP News team also participated in this press conference.

Kuleba said that Russia may have launched an all-out attack on Ukraine with tanks, cannons and cruise missiles, but Russia has achieved nothing in the last four days of fighting. Russia has so far failed to capture any of the main cities. The capital Kiev was also attacked, but the Ukrainian army is fighting fiercely. He said that such attacks were carried out by Hitler in World War II, as Russia is doing today under the leadership of Putin.

Comparing Russia’s Tsar, Peter-I, to Putin, Ukraine’s foreign minister said Russia would return to the same poverty and misery as it did 300 years ago. He said that the way the whole world has imposed sanctions on Russia, it will be difficult for the people of Russia to get visa. Kuleba said that strict sanctions should continue to be imposed on Russia until all its troops are withdrawn from Ukrainian soil. He said that the whole world should refuse to buy Russian oil and gas.

Ukraine’s foreign minister said that Russia’s aim is to completely destroy Ukraine as a nation, but that Ukraine’s war is a war of the people and will be fought with full force. We are not going to stop. He told that in the last four days, Russia has suffered heavy losses during the war. So far, 46 Russian aircraft, 26 helicopters, 146 tanks and the missile system that shot down a Malaysian civilian plane over Ukraine a few years ago have been destroyed. He claimed that 4,300 Russian soldiers had been killed. Kuleba said that his country needed weapons, missiles, ATGMs, drones and ammunition to fight Russia.

Accusing the Russian military of attacking Ukrainian residential areas, schools and orphanages, Foreign Minister Kuleba said that Ukraine filed a complaint against Russia’s war-crime at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague and not today So tomorrow Russia will definitely get the punishment for its crimes. On Russia’s threat of nuclear weapons, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that this would bring destruction to the world.

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