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Ukraine stunned by Russian attack, Putin’s army attacked the important coast of Odessa

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian military forces stormed the vital coast of Odessa on Tuesday in an attempt to disrupt supply routes and ordnance transport in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials said they had found 44 bodies in a city devastated by shelling in the northeast a few weeks ago. The bodies were retrieved from a five-storey building in Izium, about 120 km from Kharkiv, which was the target of shelling in March.

“This is yet another evidence of the brutal war crimes committed by the Russian invaders against civilians,” the head of the regional administration, Oleh Sinyubov, said on social media about the death toll. Where was it located? Izium is located on an important route to the eastern industrial region of the Donbass, now the center of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military said the Russian military fired seven missiles at the crucial Black Sea port of Odessa a day earlier, targeting a shopping center and a warehouse. The army said that one person was killed and five were injured in the attack. On the southern coast, Russian troops continue to attack a steel plant where Ukrainian fighters are not allowing Russia to take control of another important port. The Azov regiment said a compound of the Mariupol steel plant was targeted 34 times in the past 24 hours.

According to Petro Andryuchenko, advisor to the city mayor, at least 100 civilians are still trapped in the plant. Ukraine claims that some Soviet-era weapons were used and that their target was not accurate. But Ukraine’s institute ‘Center for Defense Strategies’ said that Moscow also used some precision-targeting weapons against Odessa.

Officials in Ukraine, Britain and the US have warned that Russia is increasing its stockpile of precision weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces failed to capture Kyiv in the early days of the war, and Putin said his forces were focusing on the Donbass, the country’s eastern industrial region. A military general also said that Russia’s aim is to cut Ukraine from the entire Black Sea coast. Odessa is also a major gateway for consignment transportation and its blockade by Russia threatens the global food supply.

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