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Ukraine-Russia War: Ukraine entered Russia’s border for the first time, airstrike on oil depot

Ukraine-Russia War: A fierce fire in an oil depot in Belgorod, Russia, adjacent to Ukraine, was involved in the attack of Ukraine. This has been disclosed by the Governor of Belgorod himself. According to the governor, Ukraine’s attack helicopter has targeted this fuel depot. If the governor’s claim is true, then this can be considered as Ukraine’s first attack by entering Russia’s border. Till now, the Russian army was doing its special military operation i.e. attack by entering the border of Ukraine.

The Russian military has also admitted that the attack on the fuel depot in Belgorod was carried out by two (02) Mi-24 helicopters of Ukraine. Flying very low, these two helicopters fired missiles and blew up this fuel tank. According to the Russian army, this fuel depot was not for the army but for the supply of civilians.

Two employees working in the depot injured

According to Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Galedkov, the fire at the fuel depot on Friday morning was caused by a Ukrainian attack helicopter. At around 5 in the morning, two attack helicopters from Ukraine attacked this fuel depot by flying very low. A CCTV footage of this attack has also surfaced. According to the governor of Belgorod, two employees working in the depot were also injured in this Ukrainian airstrike.

Belgorod is the area adjacent to Ukraine border

Belgorod, located about 700 kilometers from Moscow, is an area adjacent to the Ukraine border. Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, is just 30 kilometers from the Belgorod border. Last week, the team of ABP News went to this area for ground reporting. A few days ago, a fire broke out in a Russian military base in the same area, in which four Russian soldiers were injured.

Russia-Ukraine war continues for the last 37 days

If the governor’s claim is true, then this can be considered the first attack of Ukraine’s attack in Russia. Till now the Russian army was attacking by entering the border of Ukraine. In this war going on for the last 37 days, both the countries are claiming to have caused major damage to each other. Russia claims that so far 124 aircraft, 81 helicopters and 353 UAVs of Ukraine have been shot down in the special military operation of its army. At the same time, Ukraine claims that it has killed 17 thousand Russian soldiers, although Russia has denied this figure outright.

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