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‘Ukraine Russia war should end for the sake of the whole world’, said UN Chief Antonio Guterres

Ukraine Russia War: It has been more than two months since the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. During this, Russia has destroyed almost all the major cities of Ukraine. No one is ready to back down in both the countries to end this war which has been going on for 72 days. Meanwhile, on Thursday, May 5, the United Nations and many countries have called for an end to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at the Security Council meeting organized by the United States, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of its territorial integrity and the Charter of the United Nations.” “This war must end now for the sake of Ukraine, Russia and the people of the whole world,” he said.

In addition to Guterres, most members of the Security Council, including China, the United States, Ireland, France and Mexico, called for an end to the months-long war.

2 lakh children held hostage

Guterres recently visited Moscow and Kyiv to advocate for the evacuation of civilians from the battered port city of Mariupol, from where several hundred people were evacuated. In this war, civilians are constantly becoming targets. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in this war, while millions are forced to leave their homes and live as refugees in other countries. In the midst of all this, Ukraine has once again accused Russia of a big deal. Ukraine says Moscow’s military has forcibly taken about 200,000 children to Russia. At the same time, Russia says that it has rescued a large number of Ukrainians and later they have been brought to Russia.

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