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Ukraine-Russia tension: Advisory issued for Indians, advice to leave Ukraine and avoid travel

Russia-Ukraine Tension: In view of the increasing tension between Russia and Ukraine, the Indian Embassy has issued an advisory for Indian citizens. The embassy has asked Indians living in Ukraine, especially students, to leave the country temporarily. There are currently more than 20 thousand Indians in Ukraine.

The embassy said, students who are not required to live here, they should leave Ukraine. Indians are advised to avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine. The embassy also asked Indian citizens to provide information about their presence in Ukraine so that the embassy can contact them if needed.

On 26 January, the Indian Embassy in Kiev had asked Indians living in Ukraine to register themselves at the earliest. In a release, the embassy had said, ‘All citizens living in Ukraine are requested to fill the form regarding the coordinates from Indians. Students who are taking online education from India, they should not fill the form. Tensions over Ukraine have escalated in recent months. Russia and NATO are accusing each other of increasing troops along the Russia-Ukraine border.

The United States and Ukraine have accused Russia of preparing the attack. Meanwhile, Moscow called the allegation false and said it had no intention of attacking. A White House spokesperson had earlier said that the US would welcome any country, including India, if it took an initiative to reduce tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

There are also reports that Russian soldiers are constantly frozen near the border of Ukraine. At the same time, gradually many state-of-the-art weapons and equipment are being deposited here. Continuous deployment of howitzers, tanks, submarines as well as missiles and many other lethal weapons is being increased.

Russia has already deployed many submarines in the Black Sea. In the plain areas also, the number of soldiers is being increased with modern weapons. American officials have already been claiming that there is a gathering of more than 100,000 Russian soldiers near the Ukraine border.

America had also claimed that Russia could attack Ukraine before the Beijing Olympics were over. In such a situation, America has again instructed its citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. Many other countries are also refusing people to go there and are appealing to their citizens living there to leave.

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