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UK Parliament to vote on ‘Partygate’ issue during Johnson’s visit to India

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be sent to the ‘House of Commons’ this week. Will face significant voting in whether ‘Partygate’ There should be an inquiry against him for the statements made in the Parliament in the matter. However, Boris Johnson has apologized for attending the party illegally during the lockdown. 

What are the allegations against Johnson?
Johnson is accused of violating the restrictions related to Kovid-19 in the Prime Minister’s Office ‘Downing Street’ I had attended some party. As Parliament began to meet after the Easter holiday on Tuesday, Hoyle told members that it was not for them to ‘determine whether the prime minister was in contempt’ or not. Rather, it is to be seen whether there is a debatable matter for investigation or not. He said Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer could move a motion in the House for such a debate.

Starmer said, ‘‘The Prime Minister not only violated the rules but also lied to the people and misled the Parliament.’’

This will be Johnson’s first visit to India as PM
Johnson’s first visit to India as UK Prime Minister Announcements of investments in key industries in both the UK and India in Ahmedabad on Thursday will start with. After this he is Prime Minister on Friday Narendra Modi when the India-UK Strategic Defense and Economic Partnership, among other topics, will be discussed.

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