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UK issued guidelines regarding monkeypox

UK Issues Guidelines On Monkeypox: The UK Health Agency has issued guidelines regarding the rapidly spreading monkeypox disease in the countries of the world. In this, the health agency has said that if the patients of monkeypox are feeling well, then they can be isolated at home. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox will not take the form of a pandemic, although many things are still unknown about this virus. The outbreak of monkeypox occurred in early May.

WHO has told that since then this disease has spread in 20 countries of the world. It has 300 suspended and confirmed cases. The sudden outbreak of monkeypox and its spread are alarm bells for the world, because it also spreads through close contact. Here we are going to tell you some important things related to monkeypox.

Five latest updates about monkeypox outbreak:

1- According to a report by The UK Health Security Agency, 71 new patients of monkeypox have been found in the country. On Monday, the UK Health Agency said in its guidelines that if monkeypox patients do not have much problems, then they can stay at home. However, during this time they will have to avoid coming in close contact with other people by taking necessary precautions.

2- The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that monkeypox is unlikely to take the form of a pandemic, although there are many such things about this virus that are yet to be known. This disease first showed its outbreak in African countries and it spread more there.

3- According to the Health Authorities of Congo, nine people have died due to monkeypox in the country. According to the Sankuru Health Division of Congo, there are 465 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the country. This country is one of the areas most affected by monkeypox in Central and West Africa.

4- The first case of death from monkeypox was reported in Nigeria this year. The Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the country had confirmed 21 out of 66 suspicious cases. Monkeypox is common in Nigeria, West and Central Africa as an endemic.

5- According to the Spanish Health Ministry, the cases of monkeypox in Spain have increased to 122. The United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain are among the countries in Europe where the disease has affected people the most. Among other countries on this continent, there have been cases of monkeypox in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.

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