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UK Health Minister Matt Hancock resigns

London: Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock has resigned in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson following allegations of Kovid protocol violations. Recently, a photo of him kissing an office co-worker was revealed and was accused of violating the Kovid guidelines. There was resentment among the employees and people of his office about this. Hancock also apologized for the violation of the rules. Following his resignation, former UK finance minister Sajid Javid has been appointed health minister.

 Hancock said in a letter to Johnson "We are indebted for the sacrifices people have made in this pandemic. In such a situation, it becomes our responsibility to be honest with them. I have let them down by violating the rules,"  Johnson said that he was saddened to receive Hancock’s resignation and that he should be suspended on his service. "very proud" Must be.

PM Boris Johnson was under pressure to remove Hancock 
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood in support of Hancock after Hancock admitted to breaking the rules of social distancing Kovid but There was pressure to remove Hancock from office. Opposition parties accused the government of hypocrisy for violating the rules of lockdown. The parties said that many people were fined for violating similar rules. 

pictures were printed in the newspaper hugging a colleague
It is worth noting that ‘sun’ The newspaper published photographs of Hancock and a senior colleague hugging in a health department office. He said that the CCTV pictures were taken on May 6, 11 days before the lockdown rules were relaxed. After this, Hancock accepted the violation of the rules.

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