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UK diplomat adopted Islam in Saudi Arabia, said – I am very happy to return to Medina

Converted in Islam: The UK Consul-General has converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. He has shared a picture of himself inside Masjid al-Nabawi on social media, which is becoming quite viral. Sharing his picture inside the mosque, he has tweeted that he is very happy to return to his favorite city of Medina. He has written that I am very happy to return here and offer Fajr prayers in the Prophet’s mosque.

The UK Consul-General has changed his name to Saif Ashar after converting to Islam. At the same time, Saif Ashar also said on Twitter that he is waiting for the return of British Muslims in Medina. He said that before the Kovid-19 epidemic, more than one lakh people used to come here every year. I am sure this number will increase, as the amazing development of facilities and infrastructure continues here.

Significantly, Saif is not the first diplomat who has converted to Islam. Earlier, the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Simon Paul Collis, had embraced Islam and had also performed Hajj. In 2016, a picture of Simon Paul Kolis and his wife Huda Muzarkesh in the traditional white ihram dress worn for Hajj went viral. Kolis was seen in Mecca Medina with his Syrian wife wearing ihram. Collis then said that he had lived in a Muslim society for 30 years and it was only after living in this society for three decades that he decided to convert to Islam.

Collis served as Britain’s ambassador to Syria from 2007 to 2012. During this, there were conflicts in diplomatic relations between Britain and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Colis has served in a string of Middle Eastern countries, including as ambassador to Iraq and Qatar and in senior diplomat positions in the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, India and Tunisia.

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