UK carriers can face heavy fines if using high-risk equipment

UK carriers can be fined up to 10% of revenue or 100,000 pounds (3.1 billion) per day for violating the new ban.

The new UK Telecommunication Security bill aims to increase the security standards of UK telecommunications networks and eliminate high-risk equipment manufacturers. In July, Britain decided to ban Huawei’s use in 5G networks from the end of 2027, due to fears that US sanctions on chip technology would make Huawei an unreliable supplier.

The bill wants to manage all risks from high-risk manufacturers in the future with heavy fines for offending carriers. Digital Minister Oliver Dowden said the benefits of fiber-optic and 5G networks can only come to fruition, if they are secure and robust.

According to him, the groundbreaking bill gives Britain one of the toughest telecom security regimes in the world and allows the UK to take the necessary action to protect networks.

Huawei expressed disappointment that the British government sought to eliminate them in the 5G rollout process. Vice Chairman Victor Zhang said that the decision is politically motivated and not based on a fair risk assessment. It was not in anyone’s best interests and would put Britain in the slow “lane”, jeopardizing the government’s agenda.

However, the UK government insists that the bill’s higher security standard will help protect the British from potential cyber attacks from other countries and criminal organizations. Ofcom telecommunications management agency is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the confidentiality of telecommunications service providers.

Du Lam (According to Reuters)

What does the Ericsson CEO say about the ban on Swedish rival Huawei?

What does the Ericsson CEO say about the ban on Swedish rival Huawei?

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm criticized Sweden’s decision to ban Huawei from telecom networks for restricting competition and free trade, resulting in slow 5G deployment.


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