UFO (s): a lunar and effective comedy to be enjoyed on Canal +

CRITICAL – Improbable meeting between Boris Vian and X-Files, this invitation to the imagination and to laughter is carried by the candor of Melvil Poupaud.

“It’s not a bit of a mystery. It’s too much of a mystery. We’re not going to systematically accuse aliens when we don’t understand. We do science. ” “Room 51, like the area, not the Pastis.” Welcome to the universe full of verve, tenderness and fantasy ofUFO (s), the best comedy of the PAF in a long time.

Ovni (s) – VF – Aired on 01/18/21 at 10 p.m. on CANAL + – Watch on Figaro Live

Poor Didier Mathure, camped by the brilliant Melvil Poupaud who combines the charm of Marcello Mastroianni, the heroism in spite of himself of a Belmondo and the awkwardness of a Gaston Lagaffe. His wife and colleague (Geraldine Pailhas) leaves him and their rocket explodes in mid-flight. The brilliant Cartesian engineer finds himself placarded in these seventies graduates at the head of Gepan, the Cnes service which investigates unidentified aerospace phenomena: strange lights, flying saucers in the shape of a snail, etc. The craziest thing is that this service does exist and is not the fruit of the imagination

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