UEFA agrees to remove beer bottles in front of Muslim players at press conference

UEFA now agrees to remove beer bottles from Muslim players’ desks during Euro press conferences, if they so request, the body said on Friday after Paul Pogba’s much commented gesture.

“We ask Muslim players if they agree to have them, or not”, explained to AFP a spokesperson for the body, recalling that it is about “Non-alcoholic beers” and confirming information from the “Daily Telegraph”.

Ronaldo dismisses two bottles of Coca-Cola: “This ostentatious gesture shows us that we have changed generation”

The brewer Heineken, sponsor of the tournament highlighted by the hitherto systematic exhibition of its bottles in front of the players, “Agrees with this approach”, said the same source.

Deemed sponsors

Last week, after France-Germany (1-0), the French world champion Paul Pogba had removed a beer from his desk before speaking to the press, raising a marketing storm in the middle of the Euro.

His gesture had been all the more noticed that the day before, the fivefold Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo had retracted two bottles of Coca-Cola placed in front of him by the organizers, claiming ” some water “ instead of the famous soda from the American firm.

UEFA immediately clarified that the players did not risk a fine, but reminded the 24 federations participating in the Euro the importance of sponsors. “For the tournament and European football”.

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