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U-Tuber set fire to his Mercedes car, video went viral

Mercedes car lovers are all over the world. However, this car is not very valuable to everyone. But a Russian U-tuber has done something with this car that millions of people are surprised.

In fact, this YouTube has set its Rs 2.4-crore Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S on fire and uploaded its video on YouTube. This video has been uploaded by Mikhail Litwin, a popular YouTuber. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. This video spread like a fire on social media.

This video has got 11,627,231 views till the time of writing the news while 10 lakh likes have also been received. At the same time, 48 thousand people have also disliked this video.

Some people say that why did Mikhail burn his car, he did this to increase the number of followers. However, some media reports claimed that there was something wrong with Mikhail’s car. The car was sent to the Mercedes dealership five times but reportedly did not fix it.

Sharing the video, Mikhail wrote, “I have given a lot of thought to what I have to do with this shark … ‘Fire’ was a good idea for me. I am not happy.”

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