Two ways of breathing can prevent the virus from entering the lungs

To strengthen the respiratory muscles, you hold a bottle of water, inhale deeply, then exhale; Strengthen your diaphragm by placing the pamphlet on your abdomen and breathing in.

Master Nguyen Ngoc Minh (Lecturer of the Department of Rehabilitation, University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City) instructs breathing exercises to increase respiratory muscle strength for post-Covid patients. The exercise can be applied to people who have not been infected with Covid, F0 with mild symptoms…

Strength training muscles to inhale with a water bottle

Step 1: Pinch your lips and exhale a long breath through your mouth like a whistle (stomach collapses).

Step 2: As soon as you are about to inhale, hold the water bottle and inhale through your mouth (the belly swells).

Step 3: Relax and exhale gently without exertion.

Step 4: Take 1-2 deep breaths and repeat the technique.

Be careful not to hold your breath during the exercise.

Master Nguyen Ngoc Minh teaches how to practice breathing using a water bottle instead of specialized exercise equipment. Video: Science and Training-UCM2

Exercise strong diaphragm

Step 1: The brochure can be replaced with a weight of 0.5-1 kg.

Step 2: Inhale through the nose, mouth closed (belly inflated), hold for 3-4 seconds.

Step 3: Exhale through your mouth (belly falls).

Step 4: Repeat the technique.

Two ways of breathing can prevent the virus from entering the lungs

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