Two Vietnamese hacker masters have just been honored by Apple

Among the two white-hat hackers who have just been thanked by Apple, it is noteworthy that the presence of Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieupc) – a master in the security village is already quite famous in Vietnam.

The Apple homepage has just published a list of security experts who have contributed to this company in June 2022. This is a program designed to acknowledge and thank the contributions of security experts who have found and reported potential bugs in Apple’s web servers.

In the list of 46 names honored by Apple this time, it is worth noting the appearance of 2 Vietnamese white hat hackers. Those are two experts with the nickname Hi·∫øu of CyPeace and ManhNho.

Apple has just honored 2 Vietnamese white hat hackers.

Hi·∫øu of CyPeace is the nickname of Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC or Hieupc). He was once known as a hacker, behind one of the largest systems of selling user identities that ever existed.

After a period of atonement, Hieupc has now returned to his country and became a cyber security specialist and digital investigator at the Vietnam Information Security Monitoring Center (NCSC).

And ManhNho’s real name is Pham Tien Manh (another nickname is Be May). This is also a famous white hat hacker who was honored by Apple in March 2022.

Notably, both Ngo Minh Hieu and Pham Tien Manh are members of CyPeace (Vietnamese name is cyber peace). This is a project to help individuals and businesses find out the origin and check the safety of websites and applications, under the analysis of experts founded by Ngo Minh Hieu.

Ngo Minh Hieu is currently the founder of many information security projects, including CyPeace and Chong lua dao.

Recently, there have been quite a few cases of data leakage of Vietnamese users. When asked about this issue by PV VietNamNet, security expert Ngo Minh Hieu said that the main cause of this situation is because the security system of many agencies, organizations and businesses in our country is still poor. .

“Many businesses and data management agencies lack awareness of the seriousness of the data they have in their servers. This leads to a lack of investment in information security and safety,” shared Ngo Minh Hieu.

According to this expert, to avoid the human vulnerability, which is considered the weakest, agencies and businesses need to regularly train and raise awareness about cybersecurity issues for employees and even employees. the entire executive board.

It is also the knowledge of distinguishing and checking suspicious links, emails or twitter posts, fake Facebook accounts, thereby knowing the phishing (scam) tricks of hackers to proactively prevent avoid.

To enhance security, agencies, organizations and businesses also need to maintain a security team, regularly have bug bounty programs, honor white hat hackers to encourage them to find vulnerabilities. In Vietnam, some businesses like Coc Coc or PA Vietnam are doing this very well.

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