Two sisters died suspected of eating toad eggs

Quang TriParents went to work in the fields, the two sisters stayed at home to collect eggs, cook toad skin, then showed signs of poisoning, were taken to the emergency room but did not survive.

On the morning of June 29, Mr. Ho Van Cuong, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Huong Hiep commune (Dakrong district) said that a poisoning case suspected of eating toad eggs has occurred in the area, killing two children aged 8 and 2. The health center of Dakrong district took a sample of the food left in the pot for testing to clarify the cause.

Before that, at noon on June 28, their parents went to work in the fields, and the two children went to a neighbor’s water tank to pick up eggs and skin from toads to cook for themselves. After lunch, the children showed symptoms of nausea and fatigue. At 5:00 p.m., neighbors discovered the incident and took the victim to the emergency room at the Dakrong District Medical Center, but the children did not survive.

In March 2017, in Huong Hiep commune, two students who also picked up toad eggs from a cooking stream were poisoned and died.

Before many cases of poisoning caused by eating toad eggs, doctors recommend that in the body of the toad, parts such as skin, eggs, and internal organs contain toxins. When eaten, the poison will enter the blood and destroy many parts of which the most dangerous is the cardiovascular system. If poisoning is severe, the victim can have liver failure, acute kidney failure, or even death.

The kitchen where two children cook and die. Image: optical galaxy

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