Two people in the isolation ward of the hotel have Covid-19

Nghe AnOut of 224 people from Japan who entered the quarantine at Con Cuong, the Health Department on April 16 morning recorded 2 cases positive for nCoV.

This is the first time Nghe An has received a flight to bring citizens home and recorded cases in the quarantine area.

The Nghe An Health Department said these two cases were isolated in a room at the Muong Thanh Con Cuong hotel. Among them, one is from Nghe An, the other is in Phu Tho. These two cases have not been recorded by the Ministry of Health, considered as suspected cases.

They went on flight number VJ7835 departing from Narita Airport (Japan) entering Vinh international airport on the evening of April 14, immediately quarantined. Currently, the environmental treatment team has sprayed chemicals to disinfect the aircraft, the carry-on luggage compartment and disinfected the vehicles to take the passengers to the quarantine area.

Authorities are investigating and tracing cases of exposure to these two suspected cases. The provincial Department of Health has also tightened the process of receiving and treating Covid-19 patients in the isolation area of ​​the Southwestern General Hospital.

Passengers on flight VJ7835 do immigration procedures at Vinh international airport, on the night of April 14. Image: CDC.

Nghe An has received tens of thousands of citizens from abroad since the appearance of Covid-19. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) took tens of thousands of Covid-19 test samples, the results were all negative.

The Ministry of Health on April 16 morning recorded no new cases. The last 24 hours have added 25 additional Covid-19 cases after entry. Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long warned the danger of epidemic infiltration from abroad, due to the world situation and neighboring countries having a recurrence of Covid-19.

Nguyen Hai