Two members of the GUD arrested, nocturnal altercation… What we know about the assassination of Federico Martin Aramburu

A shooting in the heart of Paris, the death of an emblematic former rugby player, the run of activists associated with the ultra-right and three arrests, including one on the borders of the EU: the Federico Martin Aramburu affair, named of the former Argentinian rugby international shot dead in Paris on the night of Saturday March 19 after an altercation in a bar, rebounded on Wednesday.

The facts took place around 6 a.m. on Boulevard Saint-Germain, in 6and arrondissement of Paris, after a “dispute” between two groups, according to a police source. Since then, a flagrance investigation for assassination has been opened. In three points, “L’Obs” returns to this drama.

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  • The two main suspects arrested

Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect in the shooting, was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in Hungary on the border with Ukraine. A European arrest warrant had been issued against him. It should be handed over to the French authorities in the coming days. The young man, aged 27, is an activist in the ultra-right group GUD. A former naval commando, he took part in external operations in Mali and Djibouti between 2013 and 2015, before being repatriated due to severe post-traumatic stress and being dismissed from the national navy for reasons disciplinary.

Known to the judicial services, Loïk Le Priol has already been sentenced at the age of 19 for violence and to four months in prison suspended at 23 for intentional violence in a meeting and drunk driving, according to information. of the newspaper “Marianne”.

The other man suspected of being involved in the death of Federico Martin Aramburu, Romain Bouvier, was arrested a few hours later in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, in Sarthe, by the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) from Nantes. Also a member of the GUD, this man is 31 years old.

Both are currently being prosecuted − along with three other former GUD activists − for “aggravated violence” on a former president of the far-right group in 2015. They must appear in court in June.

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On Tuesday, a 24-year-old young woman suspected of having driven the car, a jeep belonging to Loïk Le Priol, was indicted for “complicity in murder” and placed in pre-trial detention. Aged 24, she is said to have driven the car from which the two men allegedly shot the former Argentinian international.

According to the daily “La Dépêche”, his description, established thanks to video surveillance, seems to correspond to the companion of Loïk Le Priol.

Arrested on Saturday at the end of the day and placed in police custody, she was presented on Tuesday to an investigating judge of the Paris court who indicted her for “complicity in murder and refusal to hand over the decryption agreement of a means of cryptology,” a judicial source told AFP.

  • Violent altercation in a bar

According to the first elements of the investigation, the two suspects shot the former Argentinian international after an altercation in the bar Le Mabillon. The groups were separated by bouncers, one source added, but the suspects “came back shortly afterwards with a vehicle and fired shots”.

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“Multiple effects” bullets were found, added a source close to the investigation. The former player died on the spot as a result of his injuries. A flagrance investigation for assassination has been opened and entrusted to the criminal brigade, said the Paris prosecutor’s office, requested by AFP.

Argentinian international 22 times, also passed by the French clubs of Biarritz, Perpignan and Dax in the early 2000s, the Puma played center or winger. “For the family and his many friends, this March 19 turned into an absolute nightmare. This heinous crime and his passing leaves each of them and beyond all of rugby stunned in untold pain.”had written their lawyer Yann Le Bras, in a message sent to AFP on Sunday.

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