Two Hai Duong people suspect of Covid-19

A 52-year-old hospice worker in Hai Duong City and a 27-year-old girl in Chi Linh City, are two new positive cases recorded on March 11.

The Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention in Hai Duong province on the afternoon of March 11 said that both cases have not been announced by the Ministry of Health, so there are no patient codes, considered as suspected cases.

The people of Hai Duong lined up to vaccinate Covid-19 at the Medical Center of Kim Thanh district, on March 8. Image: Main Family

In the first case, a 52-year-old housemaid in Hai Duong city, working in Lai Vu Industrial Park (Kim Thanh district), is F1 of “patient 2528”. She was found positive for nCoV through four tests. Particularly on 8/3, the woman was sampled twice at the medical station of Ai Quoc ward and at home. The female employee was then quarantined at the dormitory of Hai Duong University, taking samples for the fourth time at 2 am on March 9.

Hai Duong City People’s Committee has temporarily blocked a residential cluster in Van Xa village, Ai Quoc ward, where the patient resides. The government said that from February 16 until now, this person mainly comes down to the company to work, clean up and then go home. She also went to Met Market, Tien Trung Market, and attended the funeral in Van Xa village.

The second case, a 27-year-old girl, resides in Hoang Tien ward, Chi Linh city. She is F1 of “patient 2299” and has been focused on quarantine before.

Hai Duong has currently recorded 713 cases of infection, and concentrated quarantine nearly 2,000 F1. This province removed the social isolation on March 3, but four areas including Hai Duong city, Cam Giang district, Kinh Mon town and Kim Thanh district still have to implement Directive 15, social gap at least until 17th. / 3.

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