Two former world champions donate medicine bags for F0

Nguyen Thi Mong Quynh (Taekwondo) and Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc (Muay) participated in the home training campaign of VnExpress Marathon, wishing to help Covid-19 patients.

National Taekwondo player Nguyen Thi Mong Quynh follows VnExpress Marathon and knows about the “Workout from home – Sending Happiness” campaign. She immediately posted her workout video with the sharing line – “practice at home, join hands to win the epidemic”. The world champion athlete said: “Although I am not a runner, I am also a sports person. This is what I should do to help patients who are being treated.”

The video shared by Quynh in the campaign launch post, which will be equivalent to 10,000 VND, will go to the program “Medication bags for F0” implemented by the Hope Foundation (HOPE).

National Taekwondo players dedicate a field to practice at home. Photo: NVCC

Mong Quynh was born in 1998. At the age of 23, the female boxer owns a huge collection of titles that make any athlete wish. She won the 30th SEA Games, won the Asian throne at a very young age and has two gold medals at the Taekwondo World Cup. The beautiful 9X is considered the next generation of Vietnamese Taekwondo talent after Chau Tuyet Van’s time.

Currently, because of the epidemic, Quynh and the Vietnam Taekwondo team have to practice online at home according to the lesson plan of the training board. Every day, female boxers spend at least 4 hours practicing techniques. The epidemic period was a rare time when Quynh had the opportunity to stay at home for a long time. She took advantage of learning the piano, hone her English skills, and practiced growing vegetables and cooking. The “pepper” girl wants everyone to stay positive and maintain the habit of exercising at home during the epidemic season.

The Taekwondo champion also expressed admiration for marathon runners for their remarkable endurance. Although training every day, sometimes up to 8 hours at peak times, the female player is still very afraid when facing the runs. “In the future, if I have a chance, I want to try my hand at the running track of VnExpress Marathon. I think it’s a great experience,” Quynh shared.

Like Mong Quynh, former Muay Thai World Champion Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc also participated in the “Workout from home – Sending Happiness” campaign. Although it was launched for people to run, the female boxer, when she heard about the program, also volunteered to participate. Boxers from Dak Lak see this as an opportunity to show their sense of responsibility to the community.

Three-time world champion boxer said: “VnExpress’s program is very meaningful, both helping to improve the spirit of sports practice and fighting with the whole country against the epidemic. Not only me, but also my teammates and students will also participate in the program.”

Thanh Truc practices at home and keeps an optimistic spirit during the epidemic season.  Photo: NVCC

Thanh Truc practices at home and keeps an optimistic spirit during the epidemic season. Photo: NVCC

Thanh Truc is known by the nickname “Queen of Muay Thai” with her three-time world championship record in 2013, 2015 and 2017. However, she then suffered an injury and had to pause her career in the top competition. his high. The female boxer turned to be a coach to continue pursuing her passion.

Unlike the fiery appearance in the ring, Thanh Truc in real life is a simple and close person. The 30-year-old boxer has many times participated in community activities. She takes care of charity, helping children in remote areas.

Currently, Thanh Truc still maintains training at home. Along with that, she opened a free martial arts class for children. During the epidemic season, the online class of “Queen Muay Thai” still has a lot of young people attending. “Health is very important. I opened martial arts class because I hope to help them improve their health during the epidemic season. In addition, this is also an opportunity for children to exchange and talk with each other, to spend their days at home. boring house,” the female boxer shared.

The campaign “Workout from home – Sending Happiness” takes place from August 26, 2021 to September 16, 2021. After two weeks of launching on the fanpage of VnExpress Marathon, the campaign aims to attract 10,000 participants.

After summarizing the program, the converted amount will be transferred by the organizers to the “Medicine bag for F0” program implemented by the Hope Foundation.

Thereby, F0s who are being treated at home will be provided with health care bags (worth 380,000 VND) including antipyretic drugs, vitamins, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants… in a quantity sufficient for 7 days. , according to the instructions of the Department of Health. The medicine bags will be sent by the Hope Fund to the district health centers in Ho Chi Minh City to distribute to patients.

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