Twitter staff locked the account for fear of revenge by Trump supporters

Fear of being attacked, many Twitter employees had to set their accounts and personal profiles private.

According to the New York TimesMany Twitter employees have set their accounts and personal profiles private out of fear of being attacked by Trump supporters. Even after Twitter locked President Donald Trump’s account permanently, some of the company’s leaders were assigned personal account security.

On January 6, Mr. Trump asked the supporters participating in the Capitol rally to “show strength and fight harder”. Besides, Mr. Trump has posted a message criticizing Vice President Mike Pence “not brave enough to act”. After the protests turned riot, Mr Trump tweeted “We love you” to supporters.

Twitter staff compared to cancer patients or Mr. Trump investigated him 1

Many of Mr. Trump’s social media accounts were locked after the Capitol riot. Photo: Washington Post.

“Due to the risk of inciting more violence”, account @realDonaldTrump has been permanently banned by Twitter. The US House of Representatives on January 13 also voted impeachment of Mr. Trump for playing a role in inciting riots.

New York Times said Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter – believes that the current ban on Trump will never work. The Twitter leader told Dorsey that Trump’s posts were in danger of making the riots a reality.

More than 300 Twitter employees signed an internal petition calling for @realDonaldTrump forever. Like Twitter, the Snapchat app made a similar decision. Both Twitch and Facebook also issued an unspecified ban on incumbent presidential accounts. The world’s largest social network said that “allowing the president to continue using the service is potentially too risky”. In addition, Shoptify demolished Mr. Trump’s campaign store.

In a post on January 13, the Twitter CEO stated that Trump’s decision to ban the account was completely correct.

“The offline harm from online statements is real. We put the company’s policy and actions first and will seriously consider the inconsistencies in this issue, ”wrote Jack Dorsey.

According to the Zing / New York Times

The journey to ban President Trump of Facebook, Twitter

How did Facebook and Twitter CEOs decide to ban President Trump’s account? What do they reveal about social networks in particular and Big Tech in general?


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