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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said online liability protection reform will make the Internet worse

Washington: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a big point in his remarks prepared for Congress on Tuesday. He said that the proposed amendment of the Online Liability Protection Act could lead to more ‘harmful content’ as it would limit the platform’s ability to remove abusive posts.

Online liability protection law debate intensifies

Significantly, Dorsey has to present his side of the Senate on Wednesday. The Senate is considering reform of controversial legislation governing the Internet. The Senate committee wants to know the aspect of Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai’s law, including Dorsey. The law provides online services with responsibility for content posted by others.

The parties of the law argue that it is the cornerstone of the Internet which allows online services to flourish without fear of litigation. Political and social activists believe that the section 230 law is too liberal. This will lead to flood of objectionable content and will lead to violence. On the other hand, Republicans argue that the law will be used to suppress conservatives in an improper way.

Twitter CEO opposes change in law

In her remarks, Dorsey said that currently Section 230 is flexible to remove online ‘hate speech’ and other inappropriate content and the law connects social media in the world where anyone can post comments. He said that abolishing the foundation of section 230 can destroy the medium of our conversation on the internet. Only large and funded technology companies will be saved from this.

He warned that the lowering of section 230 would result in removal of more online speech and would impose strict restrictions on our collective ability to protect the safety of people online, including harmful content.

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