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Twitter CEO breaks silence on banning Donald Trump’s account, says he is not proud of it

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has broken the silence for the first time after US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was banned. He said, ‘We are not proud of this action’. Because it is the failure of microblogging site to promote the right content. But this decision was completely right for Twitter. He also said that the decision to impose a permanent ban on Trump’s account is a ‘dangerous precedent’.

Action taken after clear warning

In favor of the decision, Jack wrote that this action was taken only after clear warning. The Twitter CEO said that this decision has been taken keeping in mind the security of a country. Although many people are unhappy with our decision. They are calling it an attack on freedom of expression. But given the current situation, this is the right decision.

Decision taken after violence in US Capitol

Significantly, only after the violence in the US Capitol, Twitter, Facebook addict closed the account of US President Donald Trump for a few hours. Later Facebook announced to close Trump’s account indefinitely. After this, microblogging site Twitter also announced a permanent ban on Trump’s account.

Trump has made objectionable comments on social media many times

Let me tell you that Donald Trump has been making objectionable and inflammatory comments on social media many times. His post was also deleted several times by Twitter. But Trump’s Twitter account has been permanently banned in the wake of security in the US Capitol violence.

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