TV 8K in Vietnam: The highest price is over 2 billion VND

The smallest 55-inch 8K TV costs more than 40 million dong, while the 98-inch screen costs more than 2 billion dong.

Vietnam market currently has exactly 15 models of 8K TVs if only considering major brands, including 10 models of Samsung, 4 models of LG, and 1 model of Sony. To buy this high-end TV, users have many price options, from over 40 million VND to more than 2 billion VND.

So far, Vietnam seems to be a favored market for brands with almost all models, although 8K technology has only been released for less than 2 years.

8K TVs come in a variety of pricing options but are still at the premium level.

Earlier last year, Samsung introduced the world’s first 98-inch 8K TV at CES 2019. Soon after, companies like LG, Sony, LG, TCL, and Xiaomi jumped in. At CES 2020, Samsung continued to release an improved 8K QLED TV model, with a screen that was only 2.3mm thin – almost infinity. These milestones set the stage for future races on new 8K technology.

The 65-inch screen is a good place to start when thinking about an 8K TV. At this size, users will have to spend about 60-90 million VND. At 75 inches, prices will start to approximately 100 million or more.

The largest screen size today belongs to the 98-inch Q900R Samsung Smart TV 8K QLED TV, with a price of 2.29 billion VND. Right after that was the 88-inch LG Signature OLED TV model with the listed price of VND 690,000 but the retailer for VND 621 million. Sony is represented by the model KD-85Z8H with the size of 85 inches, the price is 249.9 million dong.

If you want to buy an 8K TV at a more comfortable price, Samsung has a 55-inch QA55Q900R model, which is selling for 43.89 million dong. Or also this model but the 65 inch size will cost 59.49 million VND.

LG has a 2020 model NanoCell 65NANO95TNA, priced at VND79.99 million, which is the smallest size of this company.

Which brand to buy?

Because the 8K TV is quite new, the selection is quite small, users will not have to be confused by too many models or brands. To buy a TV at such a high price range, the best way is to go to the big supermarkets, compare the model and see which brand of display you like, then decide.

At this price range, manufacturers have put all the best audio and video technology so users can rest assured that they own the typical products of a company.

Samsung represents QLED display, LG has OLED, Sony uses LED backlight, but these concepts end users may not care about, should only feel reality. In addition, each company uses different operating systems on their 8K TVs, for example Samsung uses Tizen, LG uses WebOS, while Sony runs on Android.

Currently, 8K content is virtually unavailable, so companies will upgrade the normal image to higher quality. As Samsung explains, it uses AI to upgrade SD, Full HD, 4K video to the closest 8K quality. Each pixel will be textured and noise reduced, reproducing a sharper overall image through deep learning and simulated how the human brain works.

In this way, combined with ultra-thin-bezel 8K TVs, users can enjoy high picture quality on a nearly bezel-less screen.

When deciding to buy an 8K TV, you should probably buy the product with the largest screen size possible to enjoy the most overwhelming picture. Users do not have to worry about the large size can reveal pixels on the screen because in fact at a resolution of more than 33 million pixels, the naked eye can hardly see these points no matter how large the current screen is.

In addition, many people questioned whether to buy an 8K TV when there is not much content at this resolution. In fact, if you think that these TVs belong to the high-end line, are carefully designed and integrated with the latest technologies, including 8K, it will be easier to decide if possible.


More space for people who want to experience 8K TV

More space for people who want to experience 8K TV

Series 8K resolution TVs and stylish TVs are on display for users to experience before deciding to buy.

LG launches the world's first 8K AI-enabled OLED TV

LG launches the world’s first 8K AI-enabled OLED TV

On July 9, 2020, LG Electronics officially launched the world’s first 8K OLED TV series to the Vietnamese market, along with advanced and high-end TVs and unique audio products in the market.


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