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Turkey burning fire in Azerbaijan-Armenia, Vice President said- ‘We are ready to send army’

The war in Azerbaijan and Armenia has not stopped, but the country on the path of Islamic fundamentalism is engaged in provoking it instead of extinguishing the Turkish war. Turkey has said that it is ready to send its army to Azerbaijan. The Vice President of Turkey said this in a conversation with CNN.

From the beginning, it has been accusing Turkey that it is not only inciting this war but is also presenting itself as a Muslim country as a great country. Now the official statement from Turkey to send troops to Azerbaijan has come out. Till now it was being said that Turkey has been unofficially supporting Azerbaijan from behind.

Azerbaijan is an Islamic majority country. Whereas Armenia is a country with complete Christian population. Turkey’s role in this whole case has been questionable. It is believed that Turkey is the only country that is instigating Azerbaijan and Armenia. Now this statement of Turkey will intensify the war between the two countries. If this happens, America and Russia can openly support Armenia.

Azerbaijan occupies two more cities
A fierce war between Azerbaijan and Armenia continues. Both countries are bombarding each other tremendously. Amidst the claims of ceasefire, two more cities of Azerbaijan have been captured due to the bombing. On Sunday, Azerbaijan and Armenia were accused of violating the new ceasefire just hours after they agreed a second time to stop fighting in the disputed territory.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan had agreed on a new ‘humanitarian cease-fire’ starting on Sunday midnight (2000 GMT) in the Nagorno-Karbakh region. It was announced by the foreign ministries of both the countries by issuing a statement on Saturday evening. This was the second ceasefire on which both sides agreed. Earlier on 9 October, after long talks in Moscow, the first agreement on the ceasefire was reached on 10 October.

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