Turkey bans advertising on Twitter

Due to the failure to appoint a local representative under the new Social Network Act, Turkey banned advertising on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest.

According to the Turkish Social Network Law, social media companies that fail to appoint a representative in the country are subject to a series of penalties. The law allows authorities to remove content from platforms instead of blocking access as before.

The advertising ban took effect on January 19. Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest have not commented on the incident yet.

Vice Minister of Transport Omer Fatih Sayan said it would cut Twitter and Pinterest bandwidth by 50% in April and 90% in May. Last month, Twitter announced it would shut down the Periscope app in March due to usage. use is reduced.

Mr. Sayan wrote on Twitter: “We are determined to do everything necessary to protect data, privacy and national rights. We never allow digital fascism and disregard the current laws in Turkey.

On January 17, Facebook said it would appoint a local representative, but confirmed it could withdraw this person if it faced pressure about content on the platform. YouTube also said it will comply with the new rules.

In previous months, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were all fined in Turkey for not following the law. Companies that don’t comply will eventually experience bandwidth cuts, essentially blocking access to services.

Last week, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that those who control data can establish “digital dictatorships through disregard for democracy, the law, rights and freedoms”.

Du Lam (According to Reuters)

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