Tuberculosis causes the guy to constantly inflammation testicles

HanoiA 25-year-old male went to a gynecologist due to the 4th recurrence of left scrotum swelling, taking antibiotics, and reducing inflammation.

Doctor Nguyen Cao Thang, Department of Orrology, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said that the patient’s left testicle was swollen and abscessed. The purulent test revealed the presence of tuberculosis bacteria, so the usual treatment regimen for orchitis could not be cured. The patient was prescribed by a doctor to treat him at home continuously for 6 months.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an acid-resistant aerobic gram-positive bacillus. Bacteria have a slow reproduction rate, so clinical manifestations are very silent.

Tuberculosis bacteria can be dormant and enter the body through the respiratory tract (most commonly) from human droplets caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis; through the gastrointestinal tract and sexually when a woman has oral sex with a man with genital TB (with TB bacteria in the semen) or through the genital rubbing site when one of them has TB. In which, testicular – epididymal TB accounts for about 7% of TB patients in general. Symptoms of testicular tuberculosis include painful swelling of the scrotum, thickening of the scrotal skin, hydrocele, and fistula in the scrotum.

About 10% of patients infected with genital TB may be infertile; Approximately 4% to 9.1% of men have obstructive azoospermia due to TB. To detect testicular tuberculosis, the doctor takes microscopy, culture to identify bacteria, GeneXpert MTB/RIF test or tissue biopsy for subclinical testing.

When testicular tuberculosis is detected, the patient must take medicine to treat. “If TB is drug-resistant, complex treatment can last up to several years,” the doctor said. 50-70% of MDR-TB cases are successfully treated.

Doctors advise to detect and treat gynecological diseases early, when there are abnormal symptoms, men need to overcome hesitation and get examined, so that the disease can become chronic, difficult to cure, and affect fertility for a long time.

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