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Trump was excited after seeing the crowd at the election rally, said- Joe Biden is the weakest candidate in US election history

North Carolina: A round of accusations continues between the Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the US. Now Trump has called Biden the ‘worst candidate in US history’. Trump, who was excited after seeing the crowd at the North Carolina rally, said, “I am contesting against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics and if I lose, it will be a matter of great concern for me.” ‘I wish it was good, the pressure on me would have reduced.’

Trump reminded how recently Joe Biden forgot the name of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the middle of his speech. The President said, “This is unbelievable. What a bad thing this is. It is very shameful. If he wins, the extreme left will run the country. He will not run the country. The extreme left will seize power. We will win four years in the White House.” And will stay. “

He said, “This election is a simple choice. If Biden wins, China will win. All other countries will win. All will harm us. If we win, you win, Pennsylvania wins and America wins.” Is. Very simple. “

Harris also told Trump administration the most failed administration in US history
At the same time, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris from the Democratic Party criticized President Donald Trump for ‘failing’ to deal with the corona virus and said that Trump’s administration has been the ‘most failed’ in the history of America. Harris said that millions of people are suffering the brunt of Trump’s failure. America needs a new president who “adopts science, who works according to facts and truth, who speaks truth to American people and who has a plan.”

Harris said, “This president and his administration have been the biggest failures in the history of our country. Just go back in the past and see what they knew, let’s start January 28, when the President and Vice President were told that it The disease is fatal, it can harm children, it is five times more deadly than the common cold, but they hid this information, they did not share this information with the American public. “

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