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Trump on 25th amendment of US constitution- ‘Biden administration may face trouble’

US President Donald Trump now has less than seven days as President. The exercise of bringing impeachment motion against him in Parliament for the second time is continuing. At the moment, he has refused to take responsibility for the incident involving violent crowds in the US Parliament House. Trump publicly stated for the first time after the violence in the Capitol Building that the 25th Amendment has said that it may cause problems to Joe Biden and the Biden administration in the future.

Trump said, “The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but Joe will come back to haunt the Biden and Biden administrations.” Trump said about the impeachment saying that due to the possibilities of impeachment, there is ‘a lot of anger’ in the country but he does not want ‘violence’. Along with this, he said that ‘the splatter of impeachment is the continuation of the biggest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country’.

Voting for impeachment today

Impeachment proceedings have started against Trump in the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, there will be voting on the proposal brought about it. In this impeachment motion, the outgoing president has been accused of ‘inciting treason’ on January 6.

It said that Trump instigated his supporters to lay siege to the Capitol Building (Parliament Complex) when the counting of votes of the Electoral College was going on and the process was disrupted due to the attacks by the people. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the incident.

Joe Biden will take oath of office on January 20

MPs Jamie Ruskin, David Ciciline and Ted Liu have prepared a motion for impeachment against Trump. It was introduced on Monday. In the impeachment motion, Trump has been accused of “inciting treason” on January 6 through his steps. Five people were killed in the attack on the Capitol Building. Let me tell you that a week later, on January 20, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party will take the oath of office.

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