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Trump did not give up but Twitter announced – On January 20, Biden will hand over the President’s official account

Los Angeles: Twitter wins control of the US President’s official ‘@POTUS’ account in the presidential election, which will hand Biden as soon as he is sworn in on January 20. Twitter has said that even though President Donald Trump has not given up in the election but he will complete the process of this transfer.

@POTUS (President of US or POTUS) is the official Twitter account of the US President and is different from the account of Donald Trump with whom he tweets. Biden (78) will become the 46th President of the US after taking oath.

Twitter said that in the process of handing over the account, there is no need to share information between Trump’s team and Biden’s team that is going to be the new president.

The company said that all the existing tweets on this account will be stored and will be handed over to Biden as a new account without any tweet on the day of swearing.

“Twitter is actively preparing for the transfer of the White House’s institutional Twitter accounts on January 20, 2021,” Twitter spokesman Nick Pecilio said in an e-mail. According to the company, similarly, the White House, Vice President Adi will also be with Twitter accounts.

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