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Trump accuses Pfizer of not announcing success of vaccine before US election results

New Delhi In the recent presidential election in the US, Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump. After which Donald Trump seems quite angry. The infection of the Corona virus spread to extreme levels in America has affected the presidential election to a great extent. At the same time, Donald Trump has now accused the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and pharma major pfizer company of turning the election by stopping the announcement on the corona vaccine before the election.

Let us know that Pfizer, the pharma major, has announced yesterday that their vaccine has been found to be 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 as per preliminary estimates. At the same time, Trump has tweeted that “The US Food and Drug Administration and the Democrats did not want to see me winning the Corona vaccine before the election, so instead it came out five days later.”

In another tweet, Trump alleged, “If Joe Biden were president, you wouldn’t have the vaccine for the next four years, nor did @US_FDA approve it so quickly. ‘S life is destroyed.’ Earlier, Trump had said that he had worked on rapid development and approval of a vaccine to remove a large number of bureaucratic hurdles.

Let us tell you that Donald Trump was the 45th President of America. He has lost the election for a second term after completing his first term. With this, his name has been included in the list of four US Presidents who lost the election while on the presidency.

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