True rumors TikTok and Facebook ban divination content

A rumor has spread that TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook will ban content related to astrology and Tarot reading.

This information was identified as originating from a video on TikTok by Cosmic Drugz, an astrology influencer with 450,000 followers, the video received more than 86,000 views.

True rumors TikTok and Facebook ban divination content

The rumor spread further when one Twitter user questioned why the media platforms were planning to ban astrology and fortune telling content. The tweet received more than 33,000 likes and nearly 5,000 responses.

The account Cosmic Drugz appears to have misunderstood Facebook’s recent policy change for targeted ads.

According to Meta’s website, the change takes effect January 19, but will allow existing ad campaigns to run until March. Specifically, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram says it has removed it. options were judged to be too verbose or too detailed, or related to sensitive topics such as sexual orientation, religion, and political causes.

In an earlier announcement, Meta said the change would prevent advertisers from targeting users with keywords like “chemotherapy,” “gay marriage” and “Catholic church.”

But in a viral TikTok video, Cosmic Drugz has suggested that Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are starting to take the necessary steps to completely ban content related to astrology and Tarot.

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the rumor is incorrect, adding that the hashtag “astrology” (#astrology) on the platform is exploding with over 32 billion views and #Tarot at 18. Billion.

Meta also made the same correction that unless fortune-telling content violates the company’s community standards, it will still be allowed to appear on Facebook and Instagram, and said that many Ads are also targeting targets with astrology-related interests.

Cosmic Drugz did not currently respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Huong Dung(According to BI)

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