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Troops will be deployed in London hospitals amid Corona epidemic, this is the reason

Britain COVID-19: Cases of Omicron variant of Kovid-19 are increasing rapidly in Britain. Due to the increase in the figures of Omicron infection, there is a lot of burden on the hospitals. At the same time, the National Health Service (NHS) of the country is facing a severe shortage of staff in hospitals. Meanwhile, troops will be deployed in London hospitals to address the serious shortage of staff. The Ministry of Defense said on Friday that Britain would deploy troops to London hospitals to address staff shortages caused by the Omicron outbreak.

Deployment of soldiers in London hospitals

According to media reports, about 200 armed forces personnel will join London as health workers. Hundreds of employees in hospitals have come under the grip of corona virus, due to which there is a massive shortage of staff in hospitals. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the men and women of our Armed Forces are once again extending a helping hand to dedicated colleagues in the National Health Service. So that more infected people can be treated.

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Staff shortage in UK hospitals

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that Army personnel have always contributed during the pandemic. From running ambulances, vaccinating to taking care of patients in the hospital, everyone should be proud of the great effort put in by the soldiers. The Defense Ministry said the deployment will include 40 military doctors and 160 general duty personnel. Britain recorded 218,724 daily cases of coronavirus infection on Tuesday, the highest reported since the pandemic began. However, the number of patients requiring ventilators remains stable. Recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that the condition of hospitals is not good due to the acute shortage of staff.


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