Tribute to Tarantino or vulgar pastiche, Bullet Train is worth first of all for its crazy Brad Pitt

NEWSPAPER – Should we board David Leitch’s train? Yes, if you like roller coasters; no, if you are looking for a trip that makes sense.

David Leitch, director of Deadpool 2 , exercises his talents in an offbeat thriller. He embarks with him Brad Pitt for his great return to the cinema since his Oscar for best supporting role in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino in 2020. In Bullet Train, the Hollywood star plays a somewhat nerdy criminal with long hair and big glasses. Action scenes with stunts coexist with the plot of a crazy comedy and transport us aboard a Japanese train launched at high speed. Bullet Train, the “train-bullet” is a direct reference to the Shinkansen, literally the “fast train like the bullet” which crosses the archipelago. But do you have to get on board?

“Beneath his whimsical, even schoolboy exterior, Bullet Train demonstrates an impressive mastery of space and time. Fans of tortillards and other “slow trains” will pass their turn. The others will take a ticket for this delightful roller coaster, ideal summer blockbuster. considers Étienne Sorin in the columns of Figaro . Pleasure shared by Caroline Vié in 20 minutes. “The director mixes dark humor and breathtaking action like a Quentin Tarantino on steroids, she explains. Brad Pitt is irresistibly funny as an unlucky assassin stuck on an express train with fearsome murderers.

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The film also captivates Marianne Leroux of France Info, who judges that “despite certain lengths, Bullet Train keeps us spellbound until the end thanks to the many fight scenes (which can sometimes be quite violent) and the various gags that punctuate the film”. “We get out of the clichés and we let ourselves go with curiosity to know the story of each one. All without ever getting bored (or almost)”, she greets. Like Michel Valentin, the Parisian, which describes Bullet Train as “a breathtaking film between humor and violence”.

For those looking for entertainment, Bullet Train fulfills his contract. But should we see anything else? Not according to Catherine Painset for The voice of the North. Bullet Train, however entertaining it is, is “just as perfectly vain”, she judges. Launched at more than 500 km/hour, the film mixes (voluntarily) abstruse dialogues, epileptic action scenes, ultra-violence, convoluted story, second degree, noisy music and colorful characters. A direct legacy of Tarantino’s cinema, which sometimes borders on the big puppet but ends up achieving its goal. It’s perfectly entertaining, and just as perfectly pointless.” Julien Barcilon from TV 7 Daysalso evokes a “action film with the look of an ultra-violent, fun, regressive cartoon, with claimed borrowings from Tarantino’s barren, wild and pop cinema. Less genius.”

Indigestion is sometimes not far away. “A post-Guy Ritchie porridge (in better film), puffing out all the racks of pop cynicism and uninhibited violence for manga fans, with no idea other than a vague meta humor as cretin as it is inconsistent, Bullet Train sits there”, writes Nicolas Schaller. For the critic of The Obs,“even Brad Pitt, rather amusing in imitation-Dude (the character of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski), ends up getting drunk.” Drunk like a teenage drinking binge, strikes Antoine Desrues, critic at Wide screen.Lazy, and unable to exploit its rather intriguing concept, Bullet Train is yet another infuriating Deadpoolo-tarantinesque action movie, he judges. Brad Pitt and David Leitch have fun on a few sequences, but everything is weighed down by his irony, supposed to compensate for the stupidity of a scenario torched by an alcoholic high school student. Be careful not to step down.

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