Trends with millions of views that attract the online community on TikTok Vietnam

Here are the prominent trends on TikTok Vietnam in May 2022, including trends that attract billions of views on TikTok.

SEA Games 31

The hashtag #SEAGames31 has been the most prominent trend on Vietnamese TikTok in the past month. The content of this hashtag includes short videos posted by users to share the exciting atmosphere and cheer for athletes competing at the tournament.

The content posted about the 31st SEA Games has attracted more than 14 billion views on TikTok.

This is part of a coordinated communication activity to disseminate the image of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) to a large number of people in Vietnam as well as other countries in the region.

According to TikTok’s statistics, in the past 1 month alone, more than 1 million videos have been uploaded by users to the SEA Games. This amount of videos attracted more than 14 billion views, thereby contributing significantly to the success of the Congress.

Challenge 6 days 6 nights

TikTok fans have had the opportunity to “laugh to tears” with a series of funny and unique challenges with the hashtag #6Nh6Dem.

The 6 Days and 6 Nights Challenge has emerged as a trend to attract network users with hundreds of thousands of participations.

Stemming from rural challenge videos, the saying “6 days and 6 nights… hate go” of To Troi Than channel (@toi69n1) quickly spread and caused fever on social networking platforms. On TikTok alone, this humorous challenge content has brought in more than 100,000 creative videos and nearly 1 billion views.

With simple and easy-to-follow content, the #6Right6Dem trend has attracted a large number of network users to join and bring laughter with many humorous situations.

Mother’s Day

The hashtag #RightCuaMe2022 was a prominent trend on TikTok in May. This is a collection of short videos with content dedicated to Mother’s Day (May 14).

More than 100,000 short clips have been shared by social media users on Mother’s Day (May 14).

Through this video trend, many people have had the opportunity to show their love and send their wishes, care and gratitude to their mothers. Thereby, these short videos have contributed to spreading positive messages about family affection.

Due to its very wide audience, the Mother’s Day video series has attracted more than 100,000 videos, with about 437 million views on TikTok.

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