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Trending News: Why a monkey escaped from the truck became trouble for the US police, this is the reason

Trending News In Hindi: In today’s time, apart from monkeys, rabbits, many other types of creatures are being used to continue medical research around the world. In such a situation, these animals, which are part of the medical team or medical lab, sometimes prove to be fatal for common humans. It is being reported that a truck carrying monkeys for medical research in the US state of Pennsylvania got into an accident, due to which 4 monkeys escaped.

US Police has informed by tweeting that a truck carrying 100 monkeys for medical research in Pennsylvania, USA, crashed, due to which 4 monkeys escaped. After this the police started searching for everyone. The police have informed that out of the 4 absconding monkeys, 3 have been caught. At present, the search for a monkey is still going on.

Giving information, the police have appealed to the people to stay in the houses at night and not go near the monkey. According to a local news agency, a herd of cynomolgus monkeys, also known as macaque monkeys, had escaped. In order to find it, the police had to land a police helicopter with thermal cameras apart from powerful flashlights.

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At the same time, the police has released the picture of the still absconding monkey by tweeting. In this, a monkey sitting on a tree can be seen away from Route 54. Apart from this, a warning has been given that on the sight of this monkey, no common citizen should try to go near him or catch him.

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