Treatment when a child has a straw poked his throat with bleeding

Children with hard straws, chopsticks poked their throats often bleed a lot, parents calmly reassure children, use cotton swabs or gauze to clean the mouth area as quickly as possible.

“Then, the first aid person determines which area is bleeding in the mouth and then has the child bite down on gauze to reduce the amount of blood coming out of the wound,” said doctor Ho Van Phung (Deputy Department of Odonto-Stomatology, Children’s Hospital). 1, HCMC) recommended.

After the initial treatment is complete, parents need to immediately take the child to the nearest hospital or emergency center so that the doctor can stitch the child’s wound. “The palatal wound is located deep in the oral cavity, bleeds a lot, and is difficult to observe and treat,” said Dr. Phung.

According to Dr. Phung, recently, the department has continuously received cases of tearing of the palate in children. Accidents often happen when children play while sucking on hard objects such as chopsticks, straws, pens, metal rods or wooden sticks… causing injuries in many places such as tearing lips, cheeks, tongue and common especially palatal tear, more severe can puncture the posterior pharyngeal wall. Some children used hard plastic milk tea straws or stainless steel straws, while walking and drinking unfortunately tripped, the straw hit the throat, tearing the palatal mucosa.

Doctors recommend that parents should not let children use metal or hard plastic straws, but instead use paper straws to make it safer. When eating, children should sit in one place, do not walk, run or play, avoid tripping while holding a hard object.

Limit children holding and playing with hard, stick-shaped toys. If the child plays, it should be reminded and explained so that the child understands the reason. “Currently, due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, most children at home study online and have more time to play, so this accident happens more often,” said Dr. Phung.

Le Phuong