Treatment of stuffy nose

The changing weather causes stuffy nose, runny nose, runny nose, very uncomfortable and unhygienic, not sinusitis. What do I need to do to improve this situation? (Tuan, 34 years old, Hanoi).


Nasal congestion is a common phenomenon when weather changes or people have respiratory diseases. Some people often hold a bottle of anti-choking medicine and every time they are asphyxiated, they will spray, the number of times they have to spray gradually increases until they do not respond to the vasoconstrictor, then they think of a doctor, making the situation worse. more difficult to treat.

When you have a stuffy nose, you should not self-medicate, especially using long-term vasoconstrictor drugs because this is the cause of addiction to nasal drops, causing irreversible sclerotic sclerosis… For children under 2 years of age. , absolutely do not self-use anti-stuffy nose drops due to some dangerous drugs or essential oils.

Instead, you should see your doctor for instructions on how to use nasal drops safely and effectively. In case of dangerous diseases, you are treated promptly such as surgery to remove the tumor, in the case of malignant tumors, besides surgery, you need a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Limit metastasis of malignant tumors to adjacent organs such as brain, bone, ear and systemic metastases; cerebrospinal fluid after the associated nasal trauma.

Going to the doctor early helps you avoid complications and sequelae caused by prolonged stuffy nose such as fatigue, or drowsiness when working for a long time, not concentrating…

Use protection such as a mask to avoid dust and respiratory infections, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Thi Bich Dao

Hanoi Medical University Hospital


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