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Traumatic accident in Texas, USA, 46 bodies found inside the truck

Texas 40 People Found Dead Inside Truck: There has been a major accident in the city of San Antonio in the US state of Texas. According to the news agency Reuters, 46 people have died inside a truck. According to media reports, bodies of about 46 people have been recovered from a trailer-tractor. Law-enforcement officials say at least 46 people were found dead inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas.

KSAT television in San Antonio reported 46 people dead inside the truck, citing police sources. KSAT said the truck was found in a remote area on the southern outskirts of the city, next to railway tracks.

KSAT TV quoted some sources as saying that at least 46 people were found dead inside a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas. The same many other people have been taken to a nearby hospital under different circumstances. Several police vehicles and fire engines and ambulances are present at the spot. According to the information, this is believed to be a case of illegally entering America. According to the head of the city council, Adriana Rocha Garcia, the people whose bodies were found in the truck are all migrants.

At present, it has not been disclosed about how the death took place. San Antonio Police has yet to comment on this. Photos posted on Twitter by a KSAT reporter showed police vehicles and ambulances surrounding a large truck. San Antonio, which is about 160 miles (250 km) from the Mexican border, had temperatures reaching nearly 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 degrees Celsius) with high humidity on Monday.

According to the San Antonio Fire Department, 16 people who were admitted to the hospital on Monday night have complained of heat stroke. At present, it is believed that all of them were sitting inside a closed truck and due to the scorching heat, their health deteriorated and many people lost their lives. Many people have also been taken into custody in this case.


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